Esnad Express aims for a complete digital transformation

Published On: 19-03-2020

In the logistics industry, digitization has been kicking off recently. Efficiency, optimization, speed and timing have always been crucial in logistics & shippings operations

Esnad Express is not behind at all with regards to digital transformation & making use of technology in order to improve the logistics operations. According to Esnad, the customer experience and process automation is something which is at the core of all other technological advancement in logistics. Hence Esnad Express is investing in it and primarily wants to focus on it. Eventually other enhancement will also be planned.

Around customer experience, Esnad Express has incorporated all the necessary technology aspects which is helping to know what exactly customers are looking for and how best the service can be provided. With the help of logistics operations automation, Esnad has been able to save effort & put efficiency in place.

Since a lot of data is accumulated with daily logistics operations, Esnad Express is planning to utilize that data in order to serve the customers in a better way. With the help of latest technologies like Big Data & AI, analysing and merging data streams will lead to new insights in demand forecasting, route optimisation, risk management and predictive logistics. No wonder 90 % of third party logistics firms believe big data is essential to their continued success.

In preparation to support ongoing need of technological enhancement, cloud based IT infrastructure plays an important role in driving the efficiency further. Esnad Express has incorporated AWS infrastructure to build further enhancements on it.