Esnad Express thanks and appreciates its employees and workers for their valuable efforts.

Published On: 17-04-2020

With almost everything getting to a standstill because of the Coronavirus crisis, everyone has to make changes in what they used to do before this crisis. Starting from front line workers to common people, companies, and businesses across the globe.

A lot of efforts are being put in and focus has been shifted from regular business to essentials only.

We are on a mission to deliver essential services to people out there who are relying on the services that we provide. Hence it is extremely critical that we stay on top of things during this time.

On this mission, as you know, we are taking every measure diligently to make it safe & secure for all employees & workers while you operate. With this, we are able to deliver safe and hygienic shipments to our customers which is our topmost priority at the moment. While everyone else is working from home due to lockdown, essential workers are fighting this crisis strongly and selflessly.

On behalf of the entire team of Esnad Express, we would like to express our sincere admiration for the amazing efforts put by you in the workplace. We appreciate everything that you have done during this crisis. The endless hours that you have spent working at Esnad Express‘s main distribution hub, various delivery centers, warehouses, etc.

Also, it would not have been possible to face this challenge without frontline health workers, officers, paramedics, cleaners, care workers, police, government people and many more. A special thanks to them as well.

We are getting associated with other essential service providers in order to make the essential items available for the people. We have made things easy for people to contact us via WhatsApp where they can simply provide the necessary details of the items they need and Esnad Express will take care of hassle-free delivery with all the strict precautions.

We all need to fight this pandemic by instituting specific protocols aimed at protecting employees, workers and other people.

About - Esnad Express offers logistics services & solutions and serves industries like eCommerce, energy, chemical, healthcare, etc.