Esnad's contribution to Express Logistics Service Industry.

Esnad’s contribution to Express Logistics Service Industry.

"Express Logistics Service" has been evolving in the logistics industry and is driven by rapid and efficient systems. The logistics companies have been always keen to improve the operations so that the express service can be made better than before. The following three factors of logistics companies are crucial in the success of express logistics service - Corporate strategy, technology & customer-orientation.

We will analyze & understand how we (Esnad Express) have kept the ball rolling in order to deliver excellent express logistics service.

Look at the responses given by our Esnad Express leadership team.

How has the company excelled in delivering express logistics services?

Considering our expertise in the logistics industry, we had identified a few areas to be worked on in express delivery - one is customer service as to what & how quickly customers are expecting the shipments to be delivered & the other is identifying operation needs & incorporating technology to make it efficient. With the continuous innovation & incorporation of technology, we have identified ways to allocate the right resources and structure the distribution operation in order to provide value-added services for customers. That helped us to deliver efficiently & quickly. Also, our focus and efforts to support internal customers has been a great contribution as you might know that if order pickers do not finish a wave on time, shipping is impacted like that.

How has the company contributed to the success of the express logistics sector?

The success of this sector is primarily driven by the growth of e-commerce which covers most of the B2C section, significant demand from the small and medium B2B segment and growth of the country’s cross-border trade. Along with the technology aspect and through integration with business partners & outside the firms, we focused on end to end and technology-driven solutions which have helped us to acquire more clients. We followed the path by mapping all processes to industry-standard key performance indicators.

What has the company done to manage its own professional development?

One of the most important factors in the company’s professional development is keeping industry knowledge up-to-date and following the best practices along with making a company competent to accept the change & support the innovations. We have arranged a lot of development programs in-house for our various teams whether it is warehousing, distributing, customs, last-mile delivery, 3pl, trucking operations, customer support, etc. and have also attended industry conferences to enable learning from networking. The development programs turn out to be very effective as that increased productivity by 17%.

How has the company shown its commitment to the improvement of the regional logistics industry?

One is by incorporating the technology to eliminate the need for physical addresses in the region. We have developed tools & systems with which we have been able to get an accurate delivery location and have been able to expedite the delivery process for end customers. Two is by up-skilling our employees & delivery staff so that customers can be delighted with good interactions.

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