Safety Measures Taken By Esnad Express In The Coronavirus Pandemic

Published On: 30-03-2020

With the global pandemic - CoVID 19, everyone (whether its government, people & businesses) is making all kinds of effort in order to be safe. The World Health Organization (WHO) is at the front line to direct all the health agencies globally.

Even though the entire world is practicing social distancing & self-isolation, people need essential things like food, medicine, etc. and A lot of people avoiding the crowds at places like grocery, medical store, etc.

Considering all of this, we (Esnad Express) would like to inform you that our services are continuous by taking the required safety & hygienic measures. At Esnad Express, we are focused on the health & safety of our employees, families, and customers.

If we consider the shipment or parcel, it traverses from one place to another with many people handling it until it’s delivered to the customer. Hence with each & every activity, we do, we have put in the strong & strict practices in place to deliver safely.

Safety Measures

Safety Measures Taken By Esnad Express

We have educated all our employees on health & safety measures to be taken

We have assigned a dedicated team to monitor the situation & operations on a daily basis

Regularly disinfect surfaces in the facilities, delivery vans, etc. and instructed employees to sanitize their hands before handling the shipments

We have automated sorting systems to minimize physical shipment handling

Sanitizing the shipments and making sure that it is risk-free to be shipped

Contactless payment options

We asked some of the employees to work from home and some have been staggered in shifts

Actively encourage sick employees to stay home

We have instructed our employees not to work in groups

Advised effective use of masks & hand gloves

We have asked our employees to be careful with meetings & travel

The thermal scan is conducted for all our employees

Handle food in the office or at home carefully

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